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Analysis of the market scale and downstream application fields of China’s connector industry in 2017

1. The global connector space is huge, and the Asia-Pacific region is the largest market among them

The global connector market is huge and will continue to grow in the future.

According to statistics, the global connector market has maintained a continuous growth trend in recent years. The global market has grown from US$8.6 billion in 1980 to US$56.9 billion in 2016, with an average annual compound growth rate of 7.54%.

The technology of the connector industry is changing with each passing day. With the increasing demand for connector content in the 3C terminal market, the miniaturization of electronic devices, the increase of electronic device functions, and the trend of the Internet of Things, the demand for products that are flexible in response and provide more convenience and better connectivity in the future will be Continuous growth, it is estimated that the compound growth rate of the global connector industry will reach 5.3% from 2016 to 2021.

The Asia-Pacific region is the largest connector market, and demand is expected to grow steadily in the future.

According to statistics, the connector market in the Asia-Pacific region accounted for 56% of the global market in 2016. In the future, as North America and Europe transfer factories and production activities to the Asia-Pacific region, as well as the rise of consumer electronics, mobile devices and automotive fields in the Asia-Pacific region, future demand will continue to grow steadily. The size of the connector market in the Asia-Pacific region will increase from 2016 to 2021. The speed will reach 6.3%.

In the Asia-Pacific region, China is the largest connector market and the strongest driving force in the global connector market. Also from statistics, China has more than 1,000 companies that manufacture connector-related products. In 2016, the market size has accounted for 26.84% of the global market. From 2016 to 2021, the compound growth rate of China’s connector industry will reach 5.7%.

2. The downstream application fields of connectors are broad and will continue to grow in the future

From the perspective of the application of the connector industry, the downstream application fields are broad. The upstream of the connector is metal materials such as copper, plastic materials, and raw materials such as coaxial cables. The downstream field is very extensive. According to statistics, in the downstream field of the connector, the main five application fields are automobiles, communications, computers and peripherals. , Industry, military and aerospace, together accounted for 76.88%.

In terms of market segments, the computer and consumer electronics connector market will grow steadily.

On the one hand, the continuous upgrading of operating systems, the popularization of two-in-one devices and tablet computers will bring about the development of the global computer market.

On the other hand, personal and entertainment electronic products such as televisions, wearable products, electronic game consoles and home appliances will also usher in continuous growth. In the future, the trend of product technology advancement, miniaturization, functional integration, and consumer purchasing power in the terminal market will increase the demand for connector products. According to estimates, the compound growth rate in the next 5 years will be approximately 2.3%.

The mobile and wireless device connector market will grow rapidly. Connectors are basic accessories for mobile phones and wireless devices, used to connect headsets, chargers, keyboards and other devices.

In the future, with the growing demand for mobile phone products, the upgrade of USB interfaces, the miniaturization of mobile phones, and the development of wireless charging and other major trends, connectors will be improved in design and quantity, and will usher in rapid growth. According to estimates, the compound growth rate in the next 5 years will reach 9.5%.

The communication infrastructure connector market will also usher in rapid growth. The application of connector products in communication infrastructure is mainly data center and optical fiber transmission infrastructure solutions.

It is estimated that the compound growth rate of the communication infrastructure connector market and the data center connector market in the next 5 years will be 8.6% and 11.2%, respectively.

Automobile, industry and other fields will also achieve growth. Connectors can also be used in automotive, industrial, transportation, military/aerospace, medical equipment, instruments and other fields.

Among them, in the automotive field, with the rise of autonomous driving, the increase in consumer demand for cars and the increasing popularity of in-vehicle infotainment, the demand for automotive connectors will expand. The industrial field involves heavy machinery, robotic machinery, and hand-held measuring equipment. As the degree of automation increases in the future, the performance of connectors will continue to improve.

The improvement of medical standards has generated demand for medical equipment and connectors. At the same time, the development of automated equipment and the improvement of public transportation systems will also promote the development of connectors.

Post time: Nov-01-2021